Keto diet increases life span

By | May 15, 2021

keto diet increases life span

Do you need some daily carbs? A new study suggesting that a low-carb diet could shorten your life is all over media today. Furthermore, as has been found in similar studies before, the correlation is not to low carb per se. Because people who eat a low-carb diet based mainly on plant sources have a longer average life than people eating higher-carb diets. Many similar studies have been published over the years with similar results. There are all kinds of huge weaknesses with them. The group of people who ate plenty of meat and fat during the 80s in the US — at the height of the fat phobia — appears on average not to have cared much about any healthy lifestyle advice. They smoked more, exercised less, consumed more alcohol, had a higher weight and more often diabetes, etc. When these statistical studies find a link between a shorter life and a higher-fat, higher-meat diet, that diet often ends up getting blamed for everything, despite the study being completely unable to say what caused what perhaps it was the smoking, drinking, driving fast, not exercising — who knows?

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By creating a diet that mimicked the physiological effects of fasting i. But it is way more than just that Of note, p53 hyperacetylation and stabilization may also be contributing to the marked decrease in cancer incidence in the KD mice. With carbohydrates restricted and protein moderated, your body becomes efficient at burning fat for fuel — both dietary fat and stored fat on your body. Discussion The objective of this study was to mimic the metabolic changes accompanying CR by manipulating dietary macronutrient composition and to determine whether these changes in diet composition increase longevity and healthspan in mice. We know from our research in blue zones longevity hotspots that the longest-lived people in the world eat a whole food, plant-slant diet that is highlighted with whole grains, beans, nuts, and leafy greens. To further characterize the metabolic shift on these diets, we analyzed protein content of several enzymes linked to fatty acid metabolism in the liver of these mice. There exist some animal studies showing beneficial effects of a ketogenic diet in animals. Are there country research articles in the media? I would not be surprised if one of the big food corporations didn’t pay someone to broadcast this news as much as possible, because I feel sure the new wave of eating responsibly, keto, paleo, etc.

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