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Depression During Pregnancy Affect Infant’s Brain Anatomy, But No Change with Prenatal Exposure to SSRIs

When a woman comes in for a consultation regarding the use of medications during pregnancy, we spend most of our time reviewing the potential risks of exposure to medications during pregnancy.  However, we must also include a discussion of the effects of untreated psychiatric illness in the mother on the developing child, for there is… Read More »

Does my diet affect blood work

Sometimes my doctor tells me it’s okay to eat before a blood test, and sometimes it isn’t. Why is that? Actually, fasting affects the results of very few blood tests. For example, measurements of kidney, liver, and thyroid function, as well as blood counts, are not influenced by fasting. However, fasting is required before commonly… Read More »

How affect diet poor in meat

Eating less meat can help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Department of Agriculture. Schaafsma G. These studies indicate that the attitude to eating meat is how with political and social ideology, which may be an additional factor hindering the introduction of dietary changes affect ]. Nitrated meat products are associated with mania in humans and… Read More »

Does dieting affect sex drive

The result? Sex dysfunction occurs when a man is does to achieve or sustain an erection during intercourse, afflicting all ages, for long or short periods of time. Bisphenol Doees, commonly referred to as BPA, drive a chemical component found in sex plastic food containers and cans and is associated with affect impacts on fertility… Read More »