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Clear liquid diet for constipation

Following a liquid diet may lead to gastrointestinal distress such as constipation, making you feel uncomfortable and bloated. Most of the time, this is a temporary side effect and resolves itself. If constipation causes pain or if it occurs for several days, let your doctor know. It may be an underlying symptom of another issue.… Read More »

Constipation and gluten free diet

For all subjects, the diagnosis of celiac disease was made at a single institution. Boosting fibre intake naturally There are plenty of foods that can help prevent constipation see box, bottom left — but always keep in mind that consuming enough fluid and fibre remains pivotal. Am J Gastroenterol. To keep your resistant starch intake… Read More »

Plant based diet constipation

I think one of the worst things about this painful and somewhat embarrassing condition is the fact that, as vegans, we are expected to be in the bathroom more often than not. Drinking plenty of water is one of those things we all know about, but plenty of us still fall short. Constipation is directly… Read More »