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How to stop yo yo dieting

Similarly, a few weeks of healthy eating will not help you to maintain your weight for a lifetime. As soon as you consider trying to lose weight, you need to make sure that whatever method you choose is one that is likely to work long-term. When I ask people how they can avoid yo-yo dieting,… Read More »

What is projection in dieting

James Hardiman has created a nice tutorial for this calculator, watch it here. They challenge the popular 3, calories per pound rule by taking into consideration the physiological changes that take place during weight loss. The only time it would pose a problem would be if I attempted to project after eating a high protein… Read More »

Does dieting affect sex drive

The result? Sex dysfunction occurs when a man is does to achieve or sustain an erection during intercourse, afflicting all ages, for long or short periods of time. Bisphenol Doees, commonly referred to as BPA, drive a chemical component found in sex plastic food containers and cans and is associated with affect impacts on fertility… Read More »