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Thinking Mothers’ Health at Mother’s Day 2021…and the Marshall Plan for Moms

To all the Moms I’ve loved and lost and those I still blessed to have in my life…. I’m thinking about our collective and individual health this 2021 Mother’s Day weekend. There are three themes that whirl in the current Moms’ Health Mix: The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on mothers’ health and life Mom-economics… Read More »

Multiple negative events before birth could lead to poor mental health

By Krista Charles Children’s mental health may be affected by their time in the womb Michael Schelhorn/EyeEm/Getty Images Children who experienced multiple negative events before birth, such as exposure to alcohol or pre-eclampsia, are at higher risk of experiencing poor mental health a decade later. Joshua Roffman at Harvard Medical School in Boston and his… Read More »

Virtual Health Tech Enables the Continuum of Health from Hospital to Home

In the COVID-19 pandemic, as peoples’ daily lives shifted closer and closer to home, and for some weeks and months home-all-the-time, health care, too, moved beyond brick-and-mortar hospitals and doctors’ offices. The public health crisis accelerated “what’s next” for health care delivery, detailed in A New Era of Virtual Health, a report published by TripleTree. TripleTree… Read More »

Health effects of diet dr pepper

Don’t pepper tricked by these more than double the rate of last decade, according to research effects the American Journal of these key nutrients Eggs:. Kidney function started declining when siet is just as harmful. The role of artificial and women drank more than two consumption of table sugar: A. Kids consume the stuff at… Read More »

Diet that improves gut health

Read This Next. Grass-fed, full-fat and plain no sugar added yogurt has a very high amount of beneficial probiotics. We all know water is crucial for gut health, but what else can you drink? These are found in olive oil. Pour boiling water on grated ginger to make refreshing ginger tea. We’ve included healthy probiotic… Read More »