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How to reset your body diet

The Body Reset diet claims it will allow you to “eat more, exercise less” through a jump-start program. The diet is targeted specifically at people who have already tried multiple different ways to lose weight, but have failed. The program includes three phases: Phase I, in which you consume nothing but smoothies and snacks; Phase… Read More »

How to clear your thied eye with diet

Also referred to as the Third Eye, this small gland is believed to be involved in reaching higher levels of consciousness, acting as a gateway to dimensions beyond our brain-created reality. For the people that seek to fully activate their spiritual potential and tap into the power of the pineal gland, one must begin by… Read More »

How changing your diet helps the worls

Cassidy, James S. Pulses are also a great source of fiber and protein, she says. Small changes are happening, but wider change is needed On the whole, food consumption per person has been gradually falling over the past decade in many developed countries and meat consumption is no exception. Different foods have different impacts. The… Read More »

Would changing your diet affect pmr

Polymyalgia rheumatica poly-my-al-ger ru-mah-ticker, or PMR, is a relatively common condition that causes stiffness and pain in muscles. It can start at any age from 50, but mainly affects people over the age of More women are affected than men. Polymyalgia rheumatica often comes on quickly, perhaps over a week or two. It can start… Read More »