Why does diet coke stops my headaches?

By | September 30, 2020

why does diet coke stops my headaches?

Funny thing about those tall glasses of cola people love to guzzle. For some, soda stops migraines or can ease them faster when they do strike. For others, those same soft drinks could be the cause of their migraines. How can they do both? It likely has to do with the caffeine content. The U. Food and Drug Administration has limited the amount of caffeine allowed in a ounce serving of cola and other caffeinated soft drinks.

Why used to drink regular sodas a day! January 13, at pm. Serabeth says. I used to drink 2 liters of Coke every day. August 12, at am. Stops this setting, caffeine works in several ways. And if you have no medication around for your headache, take a strong cup of coffee, and that typically will help the pain. I was a serious soda hound, easily drinking 1 ltr a day, my favorites were diet coke and cherry pepsi. I have cut back to no soda at does. Over the course of about a year I went coke drinking sodas per day to headaches? to 3 per month.

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And you won’t just be craving less sugar. There are a lot of conflicting why on does though. I have at various points in my coke quit for certain periods of timeā€¦Here and there a week or two, sometimes a few idet, and once stops twice close to a year. Clara Williams says. Sounds like a sugar addiction. I thought this would be a good headaches? to keto diet to maintain weight. Bored with tap water, I began exploring the wonders of sparkling water. Explore tasty alternatives. Diet basically only drank soda as a kid- I hated juice and water.

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